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Supreme Court of Oklahoma held that capping non-economic damages was unconstitutional

JAMES TODD BEASON and DARA BEASON, Plaintiffs/Appellants/Counter-Appellees,


I. E. MILLER SERVICES, INC., Defendant/Appellee/Counter-Appellant.


The Oklahoma Supreme Court on Tuesday April 23, 2019 struck down the state law that caps civil justice damages. To read the entire decision, click on the image to the left. This decision allows juries who hear evidence presented at trial to determine how much an individual should be compensated for his or her pain and suffering based on that evidence.  Any award given by a jury for pain and suffering by an injured person will no longer be kept capped due to a legislative decision by individuals who do not hear the evidence presented at trial.


As an example, if you have a 40-year-old male who was the CEO of a company making a quarter of a million dollars a year and was unable to continue to work after the accident, the cap on non-economic damages is potentially catastrophic for this individual. If this individual had a family of four where his wife stayed home with two small children and he was the only breadwinner, under the previous cap, that individual would only be entitled to $350,000 above and beyond his incurred medical damages. Given that individual’s income and loss therefrom, that $350,000 would be used up quickly given that individual’s inability to work going forward. By lifting the cap, it allows the jury to hear all of the evidence and that position in life that the injured party is left and allows the jury to decide how much that individual should be compensated for their injuries and the permanency of those injuries going forward.

—Greg S Mitchell, Attorney At Law

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