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If you were injured as a result of someone’s negligence, our personal injury attorney aggressively represents clients in wrongful death and catastrophic injury.

At Babbit, Mitchell & Ogle Law Firm, our OKC personal injury lawyers work individually with each of our clients to address specific needs that each client has in their respective case. Issues like rental cars, property damage, recovery, medical bills, and loss of wages are addressed in each individual case. Helping our clients with these issues and others is what eliminates the stress for our clients and helps them return to their everyday lives. Our firm’s focus is to make sure that all of our clients’ needs are met and that each of our clients are adequately compensated for their loss and pain and suffering.

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What are the steps in a typical personal injury case?

First, always call the police and ask for the accident to be investigated by the local police department. This will insure that there is an accident report associated with the accident.

Second, take pictures of your vehicle and the other person’s vehicle.

Third, seek medical attention to address your injuries as soon as possible.

Fourth, consult an attorney to be made aware exactly of your rights and so that you are represented when you begin receiving phone calls from insurance companies attempting to offer you a settlement without knowing the extent of your injuries or how long your treatment will last.

Your attorney can handle all conversations and correspondence with the insurance company. This will allow you to address your medical needs and focus on getting better with the right medical treatment.

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