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Our BMO criminal defense attorney legal team provides upfront communication and aggressive representation of our clients.

If you or a loved one are under investigation or charged with a crime like DUI, Drugs, Burglary, Homicide, Robbery you need a BMO Law criminal defense attorney to protect your liberties.

Our criminal defense, DUI lawyers, and drug defense attorneys in the Oklahoma City metro, provide upfront communication and aggressive representation of our clients. We put clients first and have a proven history of successful representation of our clients. We diligently work for the best interests of clients from the very first meeting until your case is concluded, be it by a negotiated plea or a trial.

We have represented clients in nearly every county in the State and regularly in Oklahoma County, Cleveland County and Canadian County, as well as in Federal Court and Municipal Court. If you are facing criminal charges, you do not have to speak to the police. Do not say anything without speaking to a lawyer first. You need an attorney with a proven track record who will aggressively fight for your rights and will not be intimidated. You have a Constitutional Right to remain silent, use it until you have a lawyer to walk you through the legal process.

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Our Belief

Experienced criminal defense attorneys in Oklahoma at Babbit, Mitchell & Ogle, are dedicated to providing aggressive and ethical representation to individuals and businesses charged with criminal offenses. We do this through our unique team approach to the practice of criminal defense in which all partners and support staff play an active role in the firm’s cases. Our lawyers are committed to the belief that when a person is charged with a crime, he or she deserves to be represented by attorneys that provide a vigorous defense. We do this by evaluating each case individually and by using all the resources available to achieve a favorable resolution. We also recognize that many individuals charged with crimes have limited resources, therefore, we endeavor to keep our overhead costs low and provide flexible fee arrangements for our clients. Criminal defense attorneys J. David Ogle and Greg Mitchell have more than 45 years experience collectively in defending the citizen accused.

The Approach

Before a client retains our law firm, one or more partners, will meet with a client and fully discuss the facts of the case with the client. While no Criminal Defense Law Firm can ever promise a client a particular result, we will often be able to give a client our initial impression of how we would defend his or her case using our team approach. We do however represent and guarantee that we will do everything ethically, morally and professionally available to ensure the best result for our clients. When retained to assist a client we work with a variety of investigators to fully investigate the facts of a client’s case. At Babbit, Mitchell & Ogle, we firmly believe that an exhaustive investigation by a quality investigator is often indispensable. A thorough investigation is often the difference between a guilty verdict and a not-guilty verdict or a non-favorable plea agreement and a favorable plea agreement. Or if prior to charges being filed, we can use these same efforts to attempt to avoid or mitigate charges. During this investigative time, we will also seek to obtain the evidence that will be used in any prosecution. We will diligently review a case to determine whether any issues are present that would require the suppression of evidence or the dismissal of the case for legal or procedural reasons and to determine if our client’s rights were violated. Communication is critical to effective representation and good results for our clients. During all stages of the representation, we stay in close contact with our clients and return phone calls promptly. We recognize that effective legal representation also includes a lawyer’s role as a counselor and adviser especially when a client has had no experience with the legal system. In the end, whether it be a lengthy jury trial, the negotiation of a favorable plea agreement or a complicated appeal, the client will know that they have a dedicated team representing his interests. Our firm has represented persons targeted for prosecution prior to the filing of formal charges in an effort to prevent such charges from being occurring. Our lawyers have represented a significant number of business executives charged with complicated white collar fraud crimes, individuals charged with sexual assualt cases, as well as numerous individuals charged with murder & violent crimes and child pornography cases.